About Sadhbhavana Little Scholars

Sadhbhavana Little Scholars (SLS) is the world-class preschool chain from the house of Sadhbhavana. SLS strongly believes in the motto “if you change the beginning of the story, you change the whole story.” The idea to start SLS emerged from this very philosophy.

Early childhood is the most significant time in a person’s life that moulds him/her and sets the path to his/her entire future endeavors. In order to provide children between the age of 0 to 6 the best and most stimulating learning experiences, the SLS curriculum was conceived in association with a simon-pure research team. The curriculum encourages individual expression, balanced development and creative thinking. It provides a structured and well-defined pedagogy supplemented by adequate resources that ensure effective teaching-learning experiences which are in tune with the differentiated learning levels of each child. The SLS curriculum is designed keeping in mind the developmental needs of a child and consequently, children experience the world around them and learn from it all through a playful and activity based methodology.

It is this research oriented and scientific approach that led to the preschool chain being ranked as the No.1 preschool in the country for inclusive education, No. 2 preschool in the country for best curriculum and the No. 3 preschool in the country for effective partnership with parents by the Early Childhood Association, India.


To unfold the innate abilities of children, by fostering exploration, experimentation and exposure to nurture their own life experiences.

OUR Mission

  • To set the foundation for lifelong learning through developmentally appropriate practices.
  • To make a difference in the lives of the children by providing a structured and stimulating environment.
  • To provide material experiences that are grounded on early childhood tenets.
  • To enrich partnership and support among children, their families, school and the community.