Sadhbhavana Little Scholars - Westhill


About Center

In order to provide a developmentally appropriate model for the child from age 0 to 6, the Sadhbhavana Little Scholars (SLS) was conceived and created by a team of visionaries who have many years of experience in education under their belt. The well-researched curriculum ensures that the 6 developmental descriptors - social, emotional, sensomotor, cognitive, language and creativity, essential of the child's development, are given adequate attention in a well-planned and structured manner. The curriculum provides a structured and well-defined pedagogy combined with adequate resources to monitor teaching and learning effectiveness right through the period of study, while keeping a constant vigil on the differentiated learning levels of each child. The framework also encompasses the best practices from the different doctrines of early childhood education - those of the Montessori Method, Reggio Emilia Approach and Waldrof Approach. These include learning through play, use of didactic materials, promotion of imagination with reality, integration of arts, active learning and colourful environment, to mention a few.